A Little Pizza Heaven


Ryan Learns Photoshop


A local pizza place threw away it's old sign after renovations in a dumpster behind Ryan's old apartment. Ryan took a picture holding it, (photography by Matt Nightingale) and didn't think much of it. 


Eventually Ryan noticed the pizza place had a Facebook presence. That's when he decided he had always wanted to get better at Adobe Photoshop, and he had found an oultet.


Ryan endevoured to release a custom picture everyday, complete with a weird-ass caption. 

People around Ryan talked to one another, wondering how Ryan was doing, and what the deal was with all the pizza pictures. The truth is they really didn't take too long to make and Ryan just kinda was like "oh well, what the hell". 


Eventually the pizza place gave him some fee pizza, which was awesome, and then later on Ryan got bored and stopped. But it was pretty funny. 


surf through the slideshow below and behold Ryan's art, Move your cursor over the photo to read the caption.