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A Little Pizza Heaven


Ryan Learns Photoshop


A local pizza place threw away it's old sign after renovations in a dumpster behind Ryan's old apartment. Ryan took a picture holding it, (photography by Matt Nightingale) and didn't think much of it. 


Eventually Ryan noticed the pizza place had a Facebook presence. That's when he decided he had always wanted to get better at Adobe Photoshop, and he had found an oultet.


Ryan endevoured to release a custom picture everyday, complete with a weird-ass caption. 

People around Ryan talked to one another, wondering how Ryan was doing, and what the deal was with all the pizza pictures. The truth is they really didn't take too long to make and Ryan just kinda was like "oh well, what the hell". 


Eventually the pizza place gave him some fee pizza, which was awesome, and then later on Ryan got bored and stopped. But it was pretty funny. 


surf through the slideshow below and behold Ryan's art, Move your cursor over the photo to read the caption.



It started with this photo...

It started with this photo...

Next time we sleep together don't leave your stuff at my place. But thanks for a good time.

Just hanging out with attractive young people and old signs. No big deal.

I'm a fan of the classics.

Have you ever considered healthy options?

Is Pizza with honey on it called "Bee-zza?" Lolz. Seriously though if you're wearing a beard of bees don't sneeze.

...and then she told me to keep holding the sign! And she had this thick Russian accent... man. Best worst Olympics ever. All I'm saying is dancers dude, that's all I'm saying.

Tell your sweetheart not to pine To be glad her boy's in line (for pizza, not war)

I absolutely abhor being topical, did I ever mention that?

You knew it was coming.

Back from Mexico. I think this is one of my more normal ones.

Cause we're on the same team, pizza with a garlic crust and I

Floyd laser light show at the planetarium rox my sox

Let's face it, Louis Riel did look a bit like one of the Mario Bros...

Great initiative gang! Thanks to FOX News (Not actually news)

I took some pills in college and discovered myself, man. Also Link from Hyrule was there and whenever he opens a pizza box it's a like "DU-NUN-NUN-NAAAAAA" then the screen is like "YOU GOT- SOME PIZZA! This pizza can be used to replenish your heart meter" Also everyone talks funny when you're on pills.

I remember when you branched out to the Dallas location, and how prolific the business turned out to be, but then that thing happened and suddenly no one wanted to visit Dealey Plaza for a while.

Merry belated Krampusnacht! He, like myself, will always watch you. Let fear find you.

I could have made melting pizzas but I gotta go to Mexico tomorrow. I know it's been a lil' bit since my last post, I apologize for the Dali- I mean delay. LOLZ ART LOLZ

"I was born into the garlic crust. You merely adopted it." "Pineapple and feta! Clever tricks for the uninitiated. But we are initiated." "When gotham city is destroyed, you have my permission to get wings..." etc, etc, etc...

So I was in Ireland out for a walk, and suddenly some kinda of illuminati secret society reptile or something flies down from the sky in a smiling cloud and starts hurdling things at my family. So I climb a tree and he doesn't see me, right? I jump down and smash his head with my feet. Turns out that just kills him immediately and I've murdered a guy now. So I have to leave my family and cross the ocean to start a new life. I get to New York, I tell ya you wouldn't believe it. Soon after I died

I remember when your pizza used to only cost 8-bits...

(No description was given for this photo)


If you find me, you find Waldo. We spent a half year in Europe backpacking until he realized he dropped all his books and had to retrace his steps. Also, Slovakia. HUGE into meth. I dunno just thought I'd warn you.

Shoot people, steal cars, eat pizza. It's GTALPH5, MONEY OVER EVERYTHING

GURlZ LIkE Too things: PizZas and my D

A Little Pizza Heaven this year was blessed with many things, but the greatest blessing of all was me giving them my attention. God bless me.

He was Ryan Ash. The world will remember him by another name ...COKEHEAD CUBAN WHO HAD A WEIRD THING FOR HIS SISTER.

(No description was given, but shortly after this one was on their site Ryan got a bunch of free pizza)

Recent gallup polls indicate 18.4% of people who visit your shop reeking of weed are going home to watch this show.

today I'm in the studio laying down some voiceover stuff... but mostly I'm just thinking of you, dad. And how this is the only picture I have of us together. If anyone knows where my dad is and what he's doing, please put him in touch with me. I never understood why we never got a Christmas.

I LOVE #44 BOGO'S BUFFALO CHICKEN! But I don't appreciate your involvement in this event. Why would you attach your name to something like this? For shame.


when you ran out of hot sauce and said "We need more Sriracha", I thought you were saying "We need more Seurat, ya?". You may not understand this one. I know you're more into pizza than art. You handle the pizza, I'll handle the art.

This is for Lynard Skynard! And Mellow Yellow. And Wavy Gravy?

I was gonna do something with the ‪#‎superbowl‬, but I sided with the REAL heroes. Well, the real heroes who were forced into action via conscription, but heroes nonetheless.



This was my trip to the mountains last summer but this Greek guy totally ambled through the frame and photo bombed me.

(Ryan just copy pasted the lyrics to Bryan Adam's "Everything I do, I do it for you

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